DOMAIN - Your domain is your website address. For example, the domain of this website is loupvalleywebdesign.com . Domain names must be purchased (usually $10 or less per year) from a registrar. You can check to see if a domain name is taken or available by going to whois.net .

HOST - A host is a server that stores all the files that make up your website. Hosts charge fees for this service, which can be set up to automatically renew so that there is no interruption to the availability of your site.

FLASH - Flash is a type of animation that has become popular in web design. It gives movement to a site and allows interactivity. One drawback of flash is that it does not work as well on slow internet connections. To see the difference between a site with flash elements and one without, go back to my homepage and check out both versions of my site.

ANALYTICS - Analytics (specifically, Google Analytics) is a program that tracks visits to your website. Analytics can tell you the geographic locations of your visitors, how long they stay on your site, which parts of your site they look at the longest, and many other valuable pieces of information that will help you maximize your site's potential.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) - SEO is a process of making your website "search engine friendly." Aside from direct marketing (putting your website on your business cards and advertising), having your site show up in internet search results is the best way to attract new visitors to your site. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are a few of the popular search engines that this process targets.