Gmail with your domain

Many people overlook the importance of an email address. Having an email address that consists of a person's name followed by the name of his/her email provider ( is lacking in professionalism. It tells customers that business and personal messages end up in the same place.

Fixing this problem is very inexpensive and makes a world of difference. It also allows each person at the company to have his/her own professional email address that matches the company website (i.e.

Through Google's Gmail, this service is free (the only cost involved being my setup fee). The added bonus? Gmail is a very popular email provider, so the platform is easy to use and can be accessed anytime an internet connection is available. It is also easy to configure on mobile phones, allowing users to check/send messages on the go.

Those who switch to a professional domain name address from Gmail also don't need to worry about losing emails in the transition. Mail can easily be forwarded from one address to another to aid in the process.