Order forms & Shopping carts

Order forms

Order forms are a low maintenance way to add online shopping to your website. Typically, order forms are set up with a product list where customers can check a box next to the products they want to order.

After filling in basic contact information, the customer can hit "send" to send the order form and their information to a designated email address (which is hidden). No payment takes place at that time.

After receiving the order form, it is up to the business to arrange payment with the customer. Payment can still be taken care of through secure outlets such as PayPal. This type of online ordering is ideal for businesses who are not yet ready to deal with a shopping cart option, or for businesses without set pricing on their products.

Shopping carts

Shopping carts are a great tool for a business that is ready to reach past the local market. Putting a shopping cart on a website means that the owner is ready to process payments securely and ship products responsibly.

With the increased acceptance and ease of use of third party payment services (PayPal and Google Checkout, for example), adding a shopping cart to your website can give your business a big boost with little expense.