Updates to existing websites

Keeping your website current is extremely important to its success. Sites that are regularly updated keep visitors coming back and also increases the likelihood of your site showing up in search engine results.

Updating your site can range from a complete redesign to simply adding a calendar of events that is kept current. I can give you ideas for ways to update your page, as well as a personal price quote depending on the type and frequency of updates.

You can expect most updates to your website to take place within a day or two. I will give you a more accurate timeline after determining the scope of the update.

If you intend to do very frequent updates, I can help you acquire user-friendly software and teach you how to use it for most updates.

If you currently have a website that was designed or updated by someone else, Loup Valley Web Design can still begin doing your updates. I just need to gather some information from your previous web designer.